Snakes, snakes and more snakes!

On March 13, an Albany, Texas man wondered what the problem was when his cable was acting up. He squeezed into a crawlspace under his house and found just a few snakes.

Since it isn’t typically recommended that you try to remove snakes for the risk of getting bitten, the man called a snake removal company. Smart move.

After an investigation, Big Country Snake Removal found 45 live rattlesnakes that they eventually removed from under the home.

USA Today reports that The largest snake removed was 5 1/2 feet long. Yikes!

Big County Snake Removal posted a video to their Facebook page giving us a look at this extremely NOPE! situation. The footage shows employees casually grabbing the snakes with wands featuring tongs on the end.

If you can't watch the entire video, at least skip to about the 5:20 mark. There, you'll see a snake that was not happy to be wrangled! Those snake catchers have nerves of steel.

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