Fellas have you been procrastinating on getting your woman a good gift for Valentines Day?

(Cues theme music) Have no fear Bosslady is here!!

I refuse to see my ladies complain and cry about their V-day gifts come February 15th, so  I have created a list of 10 things that will not only make you look good but that will also have your woman feeling like that one for a couple days!

Oh and your welcome in advance!

1) Edible Arrangements- Super easy to order and very versatile. They give you plenty of options that allow you to customize the gift and receive shipping! Prices range from $30-$300!

Fruit Art

2) Stainless Steel Martini Shaker Set- What women do you know that wouldn't love her very own martini set? Super chic and cheap! Can be found at your local target!

The Martini

3) Tasting Room Box Set- This is a DIY project. Grab a gift bag from your local dollar store and create the ultimate wine tasting bag! Pick 4-6 small bottles of wine, plastic wine glass and a cheese and cracker tray to create a cute intimate gift!


4) Relaxing Bed Set- If your in Killeen this this is the right time to stop by Kmart (I found a bunch of nice candles for $5) perfect for a relaxing night in the tub! Pair a set of candles with a bath and body works bubble bath set!! (Get them hands ready to give a massage)


5) Bouquet of Roses! Chicks love flowers especially big pretty bouquets! Your last minute so you have to go all out and skip the grocery store flowers! Contact your local florist! They will be able to provide a flower arrangement with the same day turn around! (some also offer delivery)


Good Luck Guys!!!!

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