Texting and Driving Ban

Starting September 1st, if you are caught using your phone while driving you will be fined 25$ -99$ for first time offenders and between $100 and $200 for repeat offenders.



Challenge someone to a duel, in the parking lot?

Well you can carry a sword around, but that would actually be against the law if you were using the sword so don't. HB 1935 or The Texas Knife Reform Bill repeals bans on large knives and cutlery such as spears, daggers and yes swords.


It's now cheaper to carry a gun

Effective September 1st the cost of first time license fees have dropped $100 to $40. (They really want you to own a gun!) The renewal fee is now $40 as well. 


If you win the Lottery no one has to know!

According to US News, when you win the lottery you can elect to not be identified, but I personally think this opens up the door for them to cheat...how do we know who won what?  Hmmmmm


"Hate Crime"  if you attack a police officer 

Beginning September 1st if you attack someone you know to be a police officer it will be considered the same as if you attack someone for race religion disability age etc a hate crime.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Announces Lawsuit Against Delaware Over Unclaimed Checks
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