50 Cent recently had to put hands on a fan for reaching into his car while sitting idle at a red light in New York.

In the video footage captured of the incident, 50 is posted up in his multi-colored Rolls Royce (he was spotted in the same whip a days ago in the Bronx).

The person filming appears to be on a bike, and rides up alongside the Queens rapper to try to get a better shot. Right as he is approaching, another fan steps close to the Rolls' passenger door, leans in and appears to try to touch or grab a box 50 has sitting in the seat. The "I'm the Man" rapper swipes at the fan's hand as he reaches in, deterring any wrongdoing that might have been about to transpire. The person filming the whole thing skedaddles in laughter before things get anymore testy.

It might not be a wise idea to be riding around alone in a quarter million dollar car with the top down, which allows randos to get too close. That doesn't seem like a security measure Fif would normally neglect.

This is the second time in the past couple of months that the G-Unit boss has had to physically remind a fan about inferring with his personal space. Back in April,  he swatted at an overly aggressive fan during a performance in New York.

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