50 Cent and his baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, continue their pettiness on social media. This time the New York rapper went on his Instagram account claiming that Tompkins’ home is in foreclosure.

According to Bossip, this pettiness started when Tompkins posted a photo of a child who appears to be 50 Cent’s “secret son.” This prompted the G-Unit leader to post a photo of an Notice of Sale ad for Tompkins’ home in Georgia. “I told you over and over to go to work,” Fiddy wrote in the caption.

Tompkins shot back on her Twitter account accusing the rapper of being mental ill and a poor business man.

"Mental illness in the black community goes undiagnosed.. He needs to be evaluated and medicated!" she tweeted, adding, "Maybe if you ran your business like you run your mouth, Your Ceo and wouldn't ran off with the money..And the 35$ cat food on the Gunit Amex."

50 Cent's estranged son, Marquise, also shot back at his father. In an Instagram post, he thanked everyone for their birthday wishes, and alluded that no one close to him sent him a B-day wish (*cough* 50 Cent).

Check out the pettiness below.

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