Don't play any Diddy at the club when Curtis is there – unless you want this to happen.

Over the weekend, 50 Cent was at a club performing when the DJ decided to play his "I Get Money" hit. There was just one problem – it was the remix with Hov and Diddy.

50 and Jay don't seem to have any problems any more, but if 50's IG jokes are any indication, he still doesn't fuck with Puffy too hard. So when the DJ played Diddy's verse on the "I Get Money" remix, Curtis put a stop to it real quick – by stepping on the DJ's turntables. You can see the hilarious footage above.

Social media users were loving what 50 did over the weekend for his son Sire's birthday. His little boy apparently wanted pops to dress up as the superhero Cyborg, and 50, being the father that he is, had to make it happen. You can peep the funny pics below.

50 also popped up in some footage with DJ Whoo Kid recently, shouting out Dr. Dre and Eminem and giving fans hope that the three-headed monster might re-appear on wax again soon. Watch that footage below as well. Either way, sounds like 50 has new music on the way.

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