Congrats to Cassie Teague from Fort Hood, who was our grand prize winner!

Originally from California, she now lives on Fort Hood and is $5000 richer!

Look at those smiling faces!

Chase The Bag will return in November with your chance to win no less than $500 with our grand prize being up to $5000 on B106 Hip Hop and R&B!

Just like we did last month, we'll air three Chase the Bag passwords each weekday. When you hear them, enter them online to increase your chances of winning.

The free B106 app gives you a mobile advantage as well. If you hear the codes while you're out shopping or driving around, get to where it's safe to use your phone, open the app, and punch the code in right there.

Congrats to all our Chase the Bag winners, and we can't wait to meet more winners in November!

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