The people are saying it loud (no pun intended), but who's listening?

Texas continues to trail behind the other states for legalizing marijuana, as voters in 5 other states (New York, Virginia, New Mexico, New Jersey and Connecticut) recently decided to legalize that sweet cheeba.

19 states have already legalized marijuana, so what's taking Texas so long?

Last Friday, The Texas Tribune wrapped up a poll conducted from June 10th - June 21st of 1200 registered Texas voters that showed 9 out of 10 voters want marijuana legalized.


Polling showed:

-Only 13% of those polled believe it shouldn't be legal at all.

-27% of people think it should be legal for medical purposes.

-31% think small amounts of marijuana should be permissible for any type of use.

According to Forbes, back in 2018 states like Colorado and California saw 1.56 billion dollars, and 2.75 billion dollars respectfully added to their state's economy due to legal marijuana sales.

Money is being made, economies are being bolstered, and here we are sitting around with no legalized marijuana or casinos.

Lawmakers (and more specifically Republicans, because they are the party that strongly opposes marijuana legalization) need to realize these outdated ideas they're holding onto are causing the state to lose money.

It's amazing that they see all these other states grossing millions of dollars and won't budge.

My opinion is that Texas lawmakers should legalize marijuana, but enforce strict laws around legalization similar to alcohol and tobacco sales. States where marijuana is legalized are already doing this.

Something to think about.



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