Imagine having to hitchhike to your own wedding! Well one woman had to, check out the reason why!

Credit: KXXV

The bride, Angelique Arsenault, was on her way to marry her man after 11 years, when the limo she and her bridesmaids were riding in broke down! The limo they were riding in apparently ran over something and got a flat tire, according to KXXV. The bride says people drove by and took pictures, but didn't stop. Then a man named Jay with a car full of kids offered a ride. He dropped the kids off, came back and asked the bride, "where to?" Her groom, Jarrod Dunning was worried of course, as she was thirty minutes late! But the couple was finally married and Angelique said, "It pretty much made the whole day. Everyone was laughing all night about it. It's going to be a story we'll remember forever."

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