Let this be a lesson! Next time you get a parking ticket, don't just take it at face value!

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

A California man wants the City of Sonora to pay him $236,000 on a $41 parking ticket he received! Here's the run-down: has being a nice son-in-law, taking his mother-in-law to a Wells Fargo bank. He claims he waitied in the car, but a meter maid still put a ticket on his car. The curb he was parked at was painted red and labeled a "No Parking Fire Lane." The man, Jason Frye, who used to be a cop and is currently a private detective, says, "Anybody can put up a no parking sign by their business and enforce it by towing the vehicle, but that doesn't give the city the right to enforce it," according to KCEN. He says his research shows that the "No Parking Fire Lane" sign is not a city or state approved sign. He went through records to find out if it had been approved and couldn't find anything to support that. Frye says that even though the city couldn't show him proof that the "Fire Line" was on record they still wouldn't void his citation, hence his lawsuit for $236,000 for pain, suffering and emotional distress! His hearing is tomorrow! I'm praying he wins this one for everyone who has ever gotten a parking ticket, valid or not lol!

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