This is disgusting and sad! A man in Iowa snapped a puppy's neck over a wi-fi dispute!

Credit: KXXV

Police in Iowa are on the hunt for Christopher David Vogel, who is accussed of snapping a puppy's neck because of a dispute over wi-fi! According to KXXV, the suspect arrived unannounced at Larry Gray’s apartment July 6, apparently wanting to use his wi-fi. The two men got into an argument over the use of the wif-fi, when Vogel then threatened to snap the neck of Gray's girfriend's puppy. Police say Vogel grabbed the 3-month-old corgi puppy and took it to the hallway, where he did something to the dog. Gray, who is disabled and could not stop Vogel, found the puppy in the hallway bleeding from its nose and whimpering. When police arrived, they decided the dog needed to be put down to stop its pain because it had suffered major spinal trauma. There are numerous warrants for Vogel's arrest, including one for criminal mischief.

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