A woman who was trapped in her pool used Facebook to save herself! Find out how!

Credit: KXXV

Leslie Kahn’s found herself trapped in her pool when the ladder broke and she couldn't get out, according to KXXV! She didn't have her phone and she didn't have any help. She thought about her iPad. She rigged up her pool pole and used it to grab a hold of the chair, which she managed to drag over to her. She got her iPad, connected to WiFi and hopped on Facebook to seek help! She logged onto Epping Squawks, a town Facebook page, and asked for help! "Without having something for my feet to put leverage on and without that upper body strength, it wasn't happening. Got the trusty pool pole, grabbed the leg of the chair, dragged it over, grabbed the iPad, hooked it up to WiFi and asked my community for help. I started with 911 and an exclamation point. I wanted to get people’s attention fast.” A neighbor came to her rescue, then the police showed up, then another neighbor came because he saw the police. She was happy to have the help of her Facebook friends, who became real friends in her time of need!

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