While I think this is a no brainer seeing that Texas has a rich history for slavery in the 1800s, it is a step closer to offering African American Studies for high school students.

According to KVUE-TV in Austin Friday, the State Board of Education approved a preliminary vote to add African American Studies to the curriculum for high school students.

The board has approved Mexican American studies in the past and the chair of the SBOE Keven Ellis is "proud of what the board has done for ethnic studies"
African American Studies were implemented for the first time this year in the Dallas Independent School District and it is being taught in 16 schools.
Now the decision goes for formal public comment scheduled between March 6 and April 10 and then it will be considered for final approval on April 17th.
If it is approved, it will make Texas the fifth state in the country to approve state-level high school courses for African American Studies.

Long overdue!

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