Please help police find this baby unharmed!

Saturday night near Houston, 4-year-old Maleah Davis was abducted, and now authorities are searching for her kidnappers.

Maleah's stepfather, Darien Vance, and his 2-year-old son was reportedly on the way to pick up his wife (Maleah's mom) from the airport. When the alleged abduction occurred.

KHOU in Houston reports that Vance heard a loud popping sound and stopped his car to get out and see if he had a flat tire when a blue pickup truck with two Hispanic men got out.

One man complemented Maleah, and the other guy then hit Vance in the head.

When Vance regained consciousness, his son was in his arms as he found himself on Highway 6 in the Sugar Land Texas area.

Maleah Davis was last seen wearing blue jeans, pink and white Under Armour
tennis shoes, and a light blue Under Armour jacket.

The girl's family says she needs special medical attention, as she recently underwent brain surgery.

Now the search is on to find her and the two vehicles involved. 


Something about her stepfather's story doesn't make sense to me, but before we speculate, let's just wait until all the facts come out. In the mean time, keep an eye out for this girl and call your local police department if you see her.

I'll leave it at that!

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