You would never imagine a topic like shopping for food could be such a polarizing discussion, but grocery shopping in can be very much a love/hate experience. I am happy to say that the best grocery store in America has a location right here in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area.

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The obvious benefits to grocery shopping are staying alive, and handpicking our favorite things to eat, but many of the negatives usually circle around the experience within the store.

While having a work dinner on Friday, we were gauging everyone's excitement for the Super Bowl, and one coworker expressed how she couldn't care less about the yearly event, but expressed her gratitude that it would at least keep everyone home while she could take a trip to the market.

America's Number One Supermarket Now Has over 400 Texas Locations.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Costco & HEB are now the essentially tied for the number one grocery store chain in the United States with Publix. Based on the most recent survey, Trader Joe's maintained their overall satisfaction, but that allowed all 3 of the other stores to jump ahead for this year's ranking.

Let me just say that almost 100% of our family weekend trips into Austin revolve around my wife enjoying a stroll through TJ's before we swing through the newest Costco in the area in Georgetown, before inevitably realizing we forgot something and swinging through H-E-B before getting home.

If you were curious about the breakdown, there are 38 Costco locations, and more than 360 H-E-B stores in Texas. If you were wondering where the nearest Publix is located, it is in Alabama.

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