Dear Killeen, Texas, Bell County, and everyone reading this: can I get just a few minutes of your time, please?

I'm going to get straight to the point:

You DO know that we are STILL in the middle of a pandemic, right?

We are not acting as if this virus is as serious as it is and it's really pissing me off.


The numbers keep rising y'all.

When I looked at the Bell County Health Districts Website, as of January 5th, there are over 2,400 active cases of COVID-19 in Bell County. If that doesn't alarm you, there were 388 new cases reported on Wednesday alone. Now if you are surprised, you should also realize the numbers continue to rise.


Based on the numbers, it still doesn't seem as if businesses we use often care about the pandemic either.

There are no more social distancing stickers, no more masks requirements, no more sanitizer at your pleasure, and now more than ever we should be doing all of these things!

Something needs to be done.


I got an email from Charles Duncan on Facebook in response to this web post it read:

Good morning! I'm a fan of yours but you wrote an article titled "An Open Letter To Killeen...." that struck a nerve enough that I feel compelled to set the record straight. Usually, I don't get too flustered by such things but when it comes to my business it's like picking on one of my kids. Firstly, my name is Charles Duncan and I'm one of the owners at the Great Escape of Central Texas, the escape room in Killeen. We like to think that we're one of the few gems in the area that bring families and friends together in a family-friendly fun atmosphere. We also pride ourselves on keeping everyone safe in this time of craziness called a pandemic. Since being allowed to reopen in 2020 we have kept our rooms private so that only your group is allowed to be together and not mixed with folks from outside your group all the while without having the need to purchase all available seats at a higher cost just to ensure privacy. Our lobby is closed so people can not walk in on each other. Only your group is allowed in the lobby at one time. We have a check-in process that begins outside the building so that mixed groups are not on top of each other. It is a texting system that allows us to communicate with each other while maintaining our socially distanced safety as well as yours both inside and out. Once inside we have floor markings that keep us socially distanced from your group. We encourage masks for those unvaccinated and we provide hand sanitizer stations for easy access. We maintain a clean and safe environment by doing a deep clean cycle weekly and in between each showtime. You play on the even hours and we clean on the odds. We've been doing this since 2020 and we still do it today. Nothing has changed. So, when you say "businesses don't seem to care" I can tell you that there are plenty of us that still do and we at the Great Escape Killeen are one of them.


Thanks for writing Charles!



Personally, when the pandemic started, I saw hundreds of radio people across the country lose their jobs due to businesses shutting down and not advertising anymore.

So I am not suggesting that businesses shut down or close at all, but I am asking to create a safer environment for your customers and encourage them to be responsible and courteous.


Why don't we bring back social distancing? At least for another month or so, not on a permanent basis..

The numbers prove that this particular virus and its variants are spreading at an alarming rate, so why not?

I ask that we bring back the social distancing requirements and markers and require customers to wear a mask while they are in your business.

Just until things get better.


This is not a Republican or Democratic thing. People in both parties are dying from this virus. This is a common sense thing.



If the places we go to often like the gas station, Walmart, or H-E-B don't enforce these simple safety measures, it's up to us to do it on our own.

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