First of all, who knew there was a Barbecue Hall of Fame, because I certainly did not.

Attention all Southerners and BBQ lovers - the 2020 inductees of the Barbecue Hall of Fame have recently been announced. According the BBQ HOF website, being inducted, "is barbecue’s top honor, and inductees are recognized for significant contributions to the barbecue community."

From June to April, nominations are accepted for the HOF and then in May, 9 semi-finalists are chosen. After that, the final voting process begins, and only 3 finalists will be chosen for induction in the HOF.

This year, fellow Texan Aaron Franklin was one of the final 3 to be inducted into the 2020 Hall of Fame. Franklin is based in Austin, owns a restaurant, and is actually self-taught. To top it off, Aaron, "has quickly risen to be one of the most well known pit bosses in the barbecue world."

Did you know about the Barbecue Hall of Fame? I've personally worked in a BBQ restaurant, and I wasn't even aware.

If you could vote a Central Texan you know into the BBQ Hall of Fame, who would it be?

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