You know how you just want to cut Monday out of the seven day week and just start the week off with Tuesday?

Well, starting next school year the Diamond Box Independent School District in Lee County, who has 160 students total, will not only add 35 minutes to their school day but most importantly will implement a four day week Tuesday through Friday.

Young female teacher or a student writing math formula on blackboard in classroom.
Getty Images/iStockphoto


This is all possible because now in the state of Texas requirements to attend school is based on hours and not days.

For concerned parents, they can still send children to school five days a week but according to KXAN in Austin, Monday’s will be different.

The Diamond Box School District is the second school district to implement a 4 day week in Texas, Olfen Independent School District near San Angelo, has a 4 day a week schedule from Monday through Friday (Friday's off sound better actually) and it not only saw a rise in enrollment but high ratings in their academics.


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