Being somewhat of a public figure I have to watch what I post on "The Book" and I am very selective on what I want people to see.

I don't post my kids photos.

I don't post who I am dating, no matter how fine or ugly she is (wink) LOL..

I usually just post pics of me and celebs, talk sports, talk a lot of shhhh, ask questions about whatever and lastly I post things to make people laugh.

But some people are really passionate about dividing their personal life, and their life at work.

On the other hand, you have some people that don't really care what they post and who sees it..

But yo!

A co-worker of mine 6 years ago when I had a "regular job" got fired for saying she was sick and couldn't come in but posted herself on Facebook on the beach.

Needless to say co-workers reported it to the boss and she was fired the next day.

So I asked the question:

Are you friends with your co-workers on Facebook?

As you can see the majority of responses were "no" lol...

By the look of the replies, people don't rock with their co-workers "like that" and don't want them in their personal business either, see below!

What's your opinion?


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