I first would like to dog out Ashley Madison..... how are you going to have a site for cheaters then tell where they are cheating from...... so they can get caught up!!


Don't think because the top city to cheat on someone in Texas (according to Ashley Madison the popular cheating website for married people) is Dallas that these folks ain't getting nasty in Killeen! lol

The list compiled by the popular website showed Dallas, then Austin, Then San Antonio, followed by Fort Worth as the "top cheatingest" cities in Texas!

While I am not married and have never visited the site, I have a few questions:

1) Are MARRIED people loading their actual faces on their profiles

2) Are the MARRIED people these MARRIED people are looking for uploading their actual faces to their profiles as well?

3) Why are you cheating and you are MARRIED?!?!?!

I say it's legal to cheat when you are single...cuz you are single!

But when you took that vow before that pastor you should have really taken that serious....you get caught she can take half! dummies...... is that sidechick worth it???

Shame on you! 

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