September 1 brings in some new laws here in Texas.

The 87th Texas Legislature is still working after Gov. Abbott called everybody back for a special session, but when they originally wrapped things up last May, they were able to pass a few pieces of legislation that will put new laws on the books. Many of those new laws will go into effect on September 1.

According to Messenger News, here's a quick look at what goes into effect.

HB 1927 Constitutional Carry – This new law made national news, with just about every liberal news outlet labeling Texas as the Wild Wild West. Truth be told, 19 states already have some form of Constitutional Carry law in effect. For those not familiar with Constitutional Carry, the new law will let anyone openly carry a handgun without a license as long as that person is legally allowed to have a firearm.

SB 8 Fetal Heartbeat Bill – Another controversial law that passed was the "Heartbeat Bill." This law prohibits abortions after a heartbeat is detected, which in some cases can beat around the six week mark.

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HB 1280 – Roe v. Wade Trigger Law – If the U.S. Supreme Court ever reverses “Roe v. Wade,” the abortion case from 1973 that legalized abortion, this new law would outlaw abortions in 30 days following the reversal.

SB 4 Star-Spangled Banner Protection Act – This one originated when Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, decided to not play the Star-Spangled Banner before games. The new law will require all professional sports teams in Texas to play the National Anthem.

HB 1239 Ban on Church Closures – Essentially, this new law will ban officials from ordering closures of "places of worship."

HB 3979 Critical Race Theory – This is another controversial law that would dictate how schools talk about current events and teach about the history of racism.

HB 5 Broadband Internet Access – This new law sees the creation of a “State Broadband Development Office” whose primary function will be to award grants, loans, and incentives to build the infrastructure necessary to get broadband access to those who don't currently have it. This could be great for rural communities with slow internet service.

SB 2 and SB 3 ERCOT Reform – This bill would both allow the state to appoint board members to ERCOT and require electric power generators to be resistant to extreme temperatures.

SB 968 Vaccine Passport Bill – This new law will ban businesses in Texas from receiving state contracts, or possibly revoke their licenses or permits if they're caught requiring “vaccine passports” or any other vaccine information.

HB 1024 Alcohol-To-Go – This one should make plenty of people happy, as the sale of alcohol to go for pick-up and delivery becomes permanent as long as you order food with it.

HB 1540 Paying for Sex a Felony – This law raises the penalty for paying for sex from a misdemeanor to a felony. This law hopes to reduce the incentive for human trafficking.

Medical Marijuana – Texas is taking the baby steps approach to legalizing marijuana. This law makes it possible for doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to patients of cancer and post-traumatic stress.

Protection for Employees Filing Sex Harassment Claims – The new law will make all employers and employees in a management position libel for sexual harassment claims. It will also extend the number of days to file a claim from 180 to 300.

Lots of changes coming September 1st. Now you know.

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