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Bro....starting this fall, if you haven't paid child support in over 6 months, chances are you won't be able to renew your vehicle registration.


Yeah.... that's how they feel!


The Attorney General is already revoking drivers licenses, professional licenses and recreational licenses for non payment of child support.


Janece Rolfe, of the Texas Child Support Division says "We're going to use every tool that we can to collect support that is due to children and families, and that's why this initiative is being pursued".


Basically fellas, if you are on bad terms with your girl, this summer may be the best time to get on her good side and get them coins together.


Tim Mahoney an Austin-based attorney who litigates child support cases said:



'I think it’s really bad in terms of public policy. Because if you’re wanting people to pay child support, it would be really good if you could provide them with the means to earn a living' 


That does make sense how am I going to pay child support if I can't get to work?


I guess The State of Texas says, figure it out!

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