A student in Belton is taking Black History Month to a whole new level, dressing up as a different historical African-American figure each day!

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Shouts out to T.J. Collins for steppin' it up for Black History Month! The 13-year-old, seventh grade student at North Belton Middle School has been dressing up each day! He first attended class dressed as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was then dared by his friends and teachers to keep dressing up, so he accepted the challenge!

So far, T.J. has been President Barrack Obama, George Washington Carver, Malcolm X, Steve Harvey, Lewis Latimer, and Robert Johnson. Not only does he dress as them, he also learns about each of them, so he knows what each accomplished. T.J. decided not to dress up as any athletes, because he wants to highlight other African-American history-makers!

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