Beyonce's lawsuit to trademark her daughter Blue Ivy's name hit a snag this month.

Back in February, Jonathan Schwartz, former vice president of BGK Trademark Holdings, a company owned by the music superstar, filed to trademark the name "Blue Ivy" in order to launch products. The filing was then challenged by Veronica Morales, who owns a wedding planning business of the same name, in May.

Morales then requested that Schwartz, who has since been fired by Beyonce and is currently facing jail time after pleading guilty to embezzling from another former client, Alanis Morissette, testify. In court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, the wedding planner claims that the Lemonade star has "no intentions of selling anything under her daughter's name, alleging she is only seeking the trademark so that 'no one else could.'"

In June, a judge granted Morales' motion to obtain testimony from Schwartz.

In response, BGK's attorney has stated that Schwartz is "no longer an officer, director, or managing agent of BGK. Indeed, he is not affiliated with BGK in any manner whatsoever."

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