What's good y'all!

It's your boy Big O who holds down the weekends here at B106 with Operation Turn Up on Saturday nights, and Sunday Funday on Sunday nights.

In case y'all have been under a rock or something, you know I am an artist and have been making some pretty major moves myself!

Also, if you recall I made an announcement at the end of both of my shows notifying you of my first video that dropped on Friday! So I figured why not make a post on the page, and in case y'all may have forgotten!

So check out my video above, Chubby Gang by yours truly OzzeyDoesIt! The video is out, and really making some waves! If y'all are liking the video, like it on Youtube, subscribe to my page, and share the video around everywhere for everyone to see!

This is only the beginning, and I have much more in the works! You can also search my other songs that are out everywhere by searching OzzeyDoesIt on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Soundcloud, YouTube, and all other music platforms!

Also follow me on my social media @ozzeydoesit on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat! Enjoy the video, and I will holla at y'all this weekend!

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