Big O

Bump It Or Dump It?
I must say.... silently and quite noticeably....2Chainz has been comin widdit!
He's dropped what? like 4 -5 mixtapes in the past year (I could be way off)
He continues to do good things in the hood for those less fortunate and he continues to do the same thing to us craving that good hip hop...
Bump It Or Dump It?
I think it's been perfectly clear that Gucci Mane is NOT playing with anybody this year!
He keeps dropping projects!!
If I count correctly, he's dropped like 4-5 different mixtapes, or like 2 different albums or something like that in the past 4 months: He ain't playing...
Bump It Or Dump It?
This new album Big Sean is dropping shows he ain't playing with yall in 2017!
He kicked it off with "Bounce Back" back in December:
It was rumored that Jhene Aiko was cheating on her husband with Big Sean and that led to her divorce. Now he is back in the New Year with a new one…