It's your boy Big O here, and I have a major announcement for the Central Texas public! Your boy has been blessed with a nice three page spread within the 22nd issue of B.O.S.S. Code Magazine's Digital Publication.

The company reached out to me about an interview and being in their magazine as an artist after they saw my The G.O.A.T. video on my Instagram page when it released.

It was really a cool experience getting to just talk about my experiences as an artist so far, and also all my future music moves that I have in store for 2019.

I really poured my all out into the interview, and it's a great read! Not that I'm bias or anything, HAHA!!!!

Definitely give the link a click above, and go through the page to peep my full interview. It's beyond a blessing getting to do what you love, with music and radio it's definitely a match made in Heaven for me! Search OzzeyDoesIt wherever y'all listen to your music at, and let me know what y'all think!


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