Bobby Brackins has been in the game for a minute, but the majority of his career has consisted of him playing the background. Now with the release of To Kill For, the second of his three-part EP series, it's clear the East Oakland, Calif. artist is destined for the spotlight.

A natural born storyteller, Brackins freestyles a narrative about a girl from his native state for XXL's What I Do series. “Call me up for a Bay tour, had a bad ass bitch off Lakeshore/Spent five on a ring from Highline/I fucked three of her friends from Skyline," he begins. "Pull up to the crib, what's your ETA?/ She said an hour, I like to say I'm from the EPA/I got money to make, bitches to meet, from the Bel Air Hills to the Oakland streets."

While fans may be ready for Bobby Brackins to drop his next project, To Die For, they shouldn’t hold their breath. During his interview with XXL, the rapper-songwriter explained why it may not come out until mid-2019. “I maybe have like, one new song for it,” he reveals. “It’s just all about focusing in and being inspired. I don’t want to just go in the studio for a week and be like this is the project; this is what you’re gonna get. Because at the end of the day, I want the people who support the music to be impressed.”

“And it’s my legacy,” Brackins adds. “I don’t wanna just be puttin’ out any and everything, you know?”

Still, the “Whiplash 2.0" rapper has a game plan when it comes to the final installment. "I’m gonna hit the usual suspects: Marc E. Bassy, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, G-Eazy, Tinashe,” Bobby lists off. He's also open to new collaborators. “If we’re out and about, or if we’re in the studio and I have an open verse, I’m like, 'Do you like this song? Do you want to put somethin’ on it? Cool.' It’s always interesting to see who ends up on a project because you could never really just call it. It’s all what God wants to happen.”

Another reason he’s taking time to craft To Die For is because of a new cinematic venture.

“I just wrote a script. The movie’s called My Nina,” he shares. “This girl, her name’s Nina. She’s lower-class; she cleans motels and she strips just to take care of her daughter. She’s really cute so she gets an opportunity to move into a model house and she thinks, Oh okay, this is gonna change my life. I can stop stripping; I don’t have to clean these motels anymore, but she gets in the house and she just realizes all the girls in the house are insane.”

“It’s just about how money and fame can make people lose sight of who they really are and how good friends and being enlightened can help you find yourself again,” Bobby Brackins continues. “So I’m gonna knock out To Die For, I’m gonna figure out what I’m gonna do with my movie; which studio, what actors and actresses and everybody who’s gonna be involved."

Here's to a prosperous 2019, B. See how he fares with his freestyle above.

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