It’s been business as usual for K Camp. Fresh off the release of his latest album, Wayy 2 Kritical, the rapper behind platinum records like the 2 Chainz-assisted “Cut Her Off,” “Money Baby” and “Comfortable," went right back to work in the studio. “Right now, I’m working on like five or six projects at once, but K.I.S.S. 5 is my main focus,” says the 2015 XXL Freshman. Before dropping off the latest installment from his K.I.S.S. series, K Camp catches a vibe for XXL’s Flex Zone freestyle.

Offering a peek into his lifestyle, K Camp raps, “Feeling like the don/Play like chess, little nigga you a pawn/Bitch, kiss these rings/Big on a bitch, Yao Ming/Brand new Celine/Nigga tryna ball like Kareem/Nigga tryna ball like Lonzo/Got plenty hoes in Toronto/Rap game covered like fronto/Nigga need the back end, pronto/Look at me/Remember when they tried to throw the book at me/Pull up to the club with the big, big Bs/Lit, lit up like a Christmas tree.”

“It’s the perfect vibe for cuffing season,” says K Camp, when discussing the forthcoming K.I.S.S 5 project. He promises that the soon-to-be released project will be “way harder” than its predecessors. According to the “Lottery” hitmaker, his newly opened 5,000 square-foot recording studio has played a major role in curating the creative space he’s been in as of late. “I’m in there most days, until like six in the morning, just locked in,” he shares. “And what we coming up with is sounding good as fuck.”

Watch as K Camp teaches you how to ball like the pros in his freestyle video below.

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