Boosie Badazz is officially going toe-to-toe with the Biloxi, Miss. Police Department after a series of recent events.

It all started when the Louisiana rapper and members of his family were pepper-sprayed by a mall security guard and once everyone was outside, a fight ensued. When things calmed down, Boosie's family drove off but were stopped by police, and from there the story gets a little fuzzy.

Initially, the cops said they never seized any jewelry when they impounded the vehicle, but days later they said they actually found the items. So Boosie said he's planning to file a lawsuit, and in the meantime he released a new song called "F--- The Police X 10."

"They killed Venelle when I was 12, turned me against 'em / Sent me to my first funeral, now I'm a victim / My daddy called them pigs, I'll never forget / He went to jail on Highland road, for trying to take a piss," spit the rapper.

Where this beef between Boosie and the Biloxi police department goes from here is obviously unknown, but it looks like it's a very long way from being over. You can listen to the new song below.

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