A study that had been going on for over a half decade has indicated a cancer risk to one of the most popular cereals sold in Texas. The study began looking for the presence of a pesticide highly used for crop cultivation that has major links to cancer, as well as, developmental and reproductive issues, and found that the pesticide was detectable 80% of the time in the human consumer.

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New Cancer Worry With Popular Cereal Sold In Texas


The pesticide in question is called chlormequat chloride, and is used to regulate the stem height in grain, so that the crop stands upright, and is not as likely to bend over and make it more difficult to harvest. As recently as 2020, the acceptable amount of detectable chlormequat chloride was raised for oats.

Research indicated following the increase in the allowance in oat products in 2020,

"The concentrations detected in 2023 samples were significantly higher than previous years' samples."

During the study, not only was the pesticide found in 80% of the humans, but the levels were detectable in 23 of the 25 most conventional oat based products according to this article with Fox Business.

What is the popular cereal sold in Texas that has links to a cancer causing pesticide?


That would be Cheerios owned by General Mills. Also showing high amounts of the pesticide are Quaker Oats products owned by PepsiCo.

This pesticide is not used in American crops, but comes from imports from Europe and around the world according to this Syracuse article.

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