Being from Chicago, we are accustomed to certain foods.

Pizza, Italian Beef, Hot dogs, and The Pizza Puff.

Until recently I haven't had a pizza puff in 3 years so I had one, (I actually had 2) when I visited Chicago Cheap Eats in Killeen.

When I went the first time, they didn't sell Pizza Puffs.

This angered me.

I'm kidding.

But I was able to convince the owner, Ron Thomas, to put it on the menu!

Thomas, originally from Chicago who now lives in Killeen, opened the restaurant because of the lack of Chicago food offered in Texas and thought it would be a good idea to open a restaurant that sells different food.

So what is in a pizza puff.

To simply describe it,  it's cut up sausage or pepperoni and cheese rolled in dough, then it is deep fried.

pizza puff

After it's deep fried either put ketchup on it or dip it in something flavorful or just eat it with nothing on it.

And then enjoy.

It originating from Chicago prompted DJ HIMSHAWTY to ask the question on Facebook after hearing it discussed on the TV Show Black Ink Chicago:

Then I asked my fellow Chicagoans if they knew what it was ...a lot of them couldn't describe what I was, they could only tell you that it was good...fair enough!

Now you know what it is! LOL

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