By now, I’m sure you’ve seen an episode or heard about the 10 part documentary ESPN has been giving us the past five weeks entitled "The Last Dance".

To summarize, it's made up of 10 one-hour episodes on the last year of the Chicago Bulls 1997- 1998 Championship season.

During the 10 episodes, it basically gives a history of the team when Michael Jordan was first drafted by the Bulls, the impact he had on pop-culture, the untimely death of his father, his retirement, his comeback, and most of all, his undying thirst to win.

In episode 9, which aired last night (May 17), it showed the struggle the Chicago Bulls had against the Indiana Pacers - one of only two teams that took the Bulls to Game 7 in a series.

That showed me the Bulls were aging, that there was another team on the "come up", and had me wondering: if they faced each other again, would the Bulls have the same success?

The next year after the Bulls team was broken up by the management of the team, and a shortened season saw the San Antonio Spurs win a championship with a young Tim Duncan and David Robinson in his prime, made me think.

If everyone on that Bulls championship team would have returned for the next season would they have beaten the 1999 San Antonio Spurs?

I say no.

I asked my Texas friends on Facebook what they thought about it and here's what they said:


What do you think?


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