After today’s announcement for businesses to implement a policy where customers have to wear a facemask, Central Texas College will follow a new plan for students and employees beginning Monday, June 29th.

Starting that day, full-time personnel will return to the campus as announced in a press release stating the next phase of their return plan, calling for an increase of student support services in late July.

Two phases will be intact -one for student services and support and the other for in-person visits by appointment only.

Classes offered in the summer beginning next month will include technical programs like trades, diesel, and graphics with students completing 40% of their tasks online.

The fall semester begins August 24 when the entire staff full and part-time will return to campus. Hands-on labs will be performed in small group settings, in a blended format combining both classroom and online work.

Also, adult education classes in services, as the press release states, will be provided on a limited basis

The complete plan and press release can be found here. 

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