This is CRAZY!! I guess teenagers can't even walk down the street talking to their friends anymore without being assaulted and arrested! But could they have really been talking greasy? Get the details and vote!


According to KWTX two officers from Mart arrested and assaulted a teenage male. According to the other teens, they were walking down Navarro Street talking among themselves when the cops claim they heard one of the teens say something vulgar, allegedly directed at them. Tyler Pina, one of the young men says, "So they slammed on the brakes, put it (the police unit) in reverse and hopped out and started asking us questions. They started to grab him (the 15 year old) but he was like ‘hold on let me call my dad.’ He pulled out his phone…and the cop was like ‘no you're not going to be calling your dad’ and he reached for it and when he reached for it he like hit (the teen) in the face."

Credit: KWTX

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