Less than a week after NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter were killed in a helicopter crash, Texas artist Laced and Found has paid tribute to them with a new mural at the intersection of Guadalupe Street and 29th Street in Austin. Artists Snuk One and Riki Loring contributed as well.

Driving on 190 in Killeen the other night, I saw a billboard on Central Texas Expressway near Cleo Bay Honda right by Texas Roadhouse on Central Texas Expressway there is also one that can be seen in Salado.


This is still hard to process, while this heartbreaking tragedy was shocking and still unbelievable, it's good to see how much Kobe Bryant is remembered.

Friday night, the Lakers played their first game since postponing their game against the Clippers last Sunday, when they received the news of Kobe's death.

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