When you donate $1 million to a public school system and consistently use your platform to speak out against systemic injustices, it pretty much goes without saying that you're one of the good guys.

So fans were a bit disappointed when Chance The Rapper liked an offensive Instagram comment the other day. Some even thought the screenshot of his like was fake, but yesterday (May 14) Chano owned up to liking the comment, claiming it was an accident while apologizing to anyone he might have offended.

"This isn't fake, I accidentally liked an offensive comment on IG. I apologize to anybody hurt by it and it doesn't reflect my character ," an apologetic Chano wrote on Twitter. For the most part, people seemed to trust his apology, and the tweet's since been retweeted over 27,000 times and earning a total of 104,000 likes.

Chano originally got into trouble when he liked a comment on an Instagram post featuring three topless plus-sized women and the caption. The comment read, "Just puked," and in a screenshot of it, you can see Chano liked it.

Twitter let him know what was up pretty quickly, and now it's all cleared up. Peep Chano's apology below.

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