Chance the Rapper manhandled a fan with the quickness at his Miami concert on Monday night (Oct. 10). And it was all caught on the video.

In the video above, the Chicago native was performing his gospel-esque anthem “Sunday Candy” when suddenly a fan rushed the stage and grabbed him from behind. Chance did a 360-degree spin and tackled the fan like a defensive end sacking a quarterback.

Fans rushing on stage without being invited is nothing new but it often ends terribly for the stage rusher. A perfect example is when a fan jumped onstage while RiFF RAFF was performing and a very muscular bodyguard destroyed him. On the flip side, fellow rapper Action Bronson likes to toss his stage violators into the crowd.

In the end, we cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to jump onstage while a rapper is performing. Hopefully, this fanatical trend will die out quickly before someone gets seriously injured.

In the meantime, Chance is on tour promoting his latest critically-acclaimed album Coloring Book. The trek will roll into New Orleans on Thursday (Oct. 13) then Houston on Saturday (Oct. 15) and Dallas, Texas on Sunday (Oct. 16). To peep his full itinerary, head over to