Chase the Bag is for real!

To the naysayers who doubt your chances to win this money..... keep doubting and watch other people win!

Doreatha Ransby with Trey


Chase The Bag each weekday mornings at 7:20 pm with the Rickey Smiley Morning Show..

Then at 12:20 pm with Nina inside the Nina Noon Mix with Averi Minor...

And at 5:20 pm with Trey the Choklit Jok inside the 5:00 Turn UP Mix with DJ ROC!

3 chances a day to win up to $5000 with the Chase The Bag Contest from B106!

Congrats to Doreatha Ransby who entered the password: SUN on April 3rd!

Doreatha told Trey the Choklit Jok she and her sister are gonna go crazy with this money LOL!!

Enter your Chase The Bag Passwords here.

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