Every Tuesday I will feature some dope artwork from around Central Texas. Robert Pasley sent in a pic of his tat of his pug/beagle mix! Check out his dope art!

Robert says, "This a picture of my pug beagle mix. I got him at the beginning of 2006 when I first moved to Texas. He was diagnosed with a cancer in the middle of the year of 2014. The cancer caused him to fill up with fluid. The vet gave him a week to live when we found out. I bought some natural herbs and vitamins and started giving them to him. He lived for 6 more months. January 9, 2015, I had to put him to sleep his body gave up on him. This is a memorial tattoo of him. This tattoo won tattoo of the day at the star of Texas tattoo convention in Austin. I got this tattoo just to have him with me all the time."

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