Tonight and every Thursday night at Chiefs Sports Grill is the livest karaoke night in Killeen hosted by me!

With DJ Junior Vibes on the 1s and 2's.

The party kicks off at 9 pm.

Get there early or reserve your tables or you’ll be left standing all night.

Friday night it’s the weekly Friyay party with DJ Kay Smoove. Party starts at 9 pm.
Free entry before 11 pm.
Saturday night DJ Junior Vibes and Big Ced will be in the house from our sister station MYKISS1031. Ced will be giving out $20 gift cards to select guests.
Doors open at 9 pm. Get there early to make sure ya get a seat.

You may want to tell your friends and family that Sunday Night it’s the Sunday night Karaoke contest.

You are bringing friends and family out to root on whoever is going to be doing the signing!

There's a $100 cash prize is on the line.

The audience (your people) decides the winner so make sure ya bring your whole crew out.

Don't forget to like their Facebook Page to stay up to date on the latest happenings at Chiefs Sports Grill located at 806 Atlas Avenue in the West Trimmier Plaza!


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