Here we go again! Thursday Night it’s the best Karaoke night in Killeen hosted by me!

Trey the Choklit Jok, I will have $20 gift cards for the first five singers (even if you don't sound that good lol).

Party starts at 9pm. With DJ Junior vibes!

Get there early if you want to get a seat. And make sure you try out a Mango tango or one of their BAMs, that’s Big *ss Margarita!

Don't forget the wings, Different flavors to satisfy your taste buds!

Friday Night, it’s the FRIYAY TURN UP WITH DJ KAY SMOOVE. Party kicks off at 9PM with DJ Kay Smoove playing your favorite hip hop, R&B and Top 40 hits. Free entry before 11pm. It’s a grown folks party with plenty of drink specials. Table reservations are available, so if you’re looking to get your crew together, this is the perfect spot.

Saturday Night, Big Ced from MYKISS1031 will be in the house giving away those $20 gift cards as he does every week.

The party starts at 9pm, NO COVER!

Every Sunday Night, the winner gets $100 Cash Prize for karaoke.

The audience picks the winner so it makes sense if you and your peeps come out and show love and get paid!

Like their Facebook Page to stay in tune with their upcoming events!


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