It's a new week and Chris Brown finds himself in the middle of yet another piece of drama. Last week, Brown denied reports that he and his crew were thrown off a Cannes-bound plane due to the pungent aroma of their loud, and now, TMZ is reporting that the singer's security pushed a photographer in such a way that his $1,200 Canon lens was cracked against a wall. The above picture was snapped by the accusing photographer before the damage was done.

The story goes, the photographer was snapping photos of Breezy, Tank and former NFL player Warren Sapp at a launch party on a private yacht in Fort Lauderdale last weekend when Brown became enraged, screaming "This ain't no press release, you're done!" The photographer, Mychal Watts, was then ordered to stop and was forcefully pushed, causing him to spin around and crack his lens. Watts has filed a police report which TMZ has obtained.

Brown denies the altercation, saying "It's a lie, lie, lie, lie" and has even posted a photo from the event, presumably snapped by Watts, to his own Instagram feed. CB's history of letting his temper get the best of him is well known, so while it is one mans word against another's, the type of behavior detailed in the police report isn't necessarily inconsistent with Brown's reputation. For further details, read TMZ's original report.

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