Did you know that Christina Aguilera wasn't Madonna's first pick for that iconic MTV Video Music Awards kiss? Can you name the one accessory Xtina absolutely must have on before she steps into the recording booth? Or do you know why we have the "Shotgun" singer to thank for some of Lady Gaga's biggest hits? Find out the answer to these and seven more little-known tidbits of Legendtina trivia in the latest episode of our video series Think You Know Pop?

We're toasting the Lotus legend in honor of her character arc as sassy country music up-and-comer Jade St. John on ABC's hit television show Nashville. Of course, this latest gig isn't the singer's first time crossing over onto the small — or big — screen. The onetime Mouseketeer has reclaimed her spot in a big, red swiveling chair as our favorite judge on NBC's reality singing competition The Voice. But her camera-ready chops don't stop there. In the video above, find out which '90s series she guest-starred on and which big-budget Hollywood musical she walked away from. (Hint: It definitely wasn't Burlesque.)

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