Update: Christina Aguilera's "Shotgun" is available to download on iTunes.

We've already seen a sneak peek of Christina Aguilera's spunky, pink-haired April 15 debut on Nashville, but now we've got a taste of her downtempo new ballad. Or maybe we do.

Fifteen whole seconds of "Shotgun" can allegedly be heard in a "leaked" clip posted to SoundCloud. You can hear it in the stream above.

The very low audio quality makes the lyrics hard to decipher, but we think Christina (or someone capable off a very convincing impression) sings something like: "When did you know your heart was mine / You told the tale so many times." The vocal is lonesome and brooding and is backed only by the strums of a tinny acoustic guitar.

We won't know whether this is the real thing until Aguilera throw on her cowboy boots and appears as Jade St. John, an inspiring country singer who comes to Nashville to chase her dream, on next week's episode.

What do you think, PopCrushers? Is this a legit leak, or just a cruel prank some (very talented) forger has thrown up for fun?

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