Before a 16-year-old was crowned King of The Voice on last night's Season 8 finale, the show's enduring pop queen quietly fired shots at some competing Top 40 royalty.

Christina Aguilera, who's served as an on-and-off Voice coach since the competition's 2011 debut, tore the gloves off in a pre-finale promo clip that found her impersonating some of music's heaviest-hitting women as if they, themselves, were new coaches. And between takes that considered how Miley Cyrus, Sia and Lady Gaga would handle the show's infamous spinning chairs, Christina made sure to set her sights on a certain fellow former Mouseketeer: Britney Spears. Better batten down the hatches, folks...

While sporting the hot pink-accented pigtails and Catholic schoolgirl separates that have become emblematic of Spears's "...Baby One More Time" video, Britstina canvassed for imaginary Voice recruits. "Hey y'all, join Team Britney, it'll be super fun," she joked in the clip, and later asked a mock-producer: "How do the singers know that you turned around if everybody's blind?"

The impression marks the second time the pop star has mimicked Spears this year. In February, Jimmy Fallon challenged the "Say Something" singer to belt out "This Little Piggy" on The Tonight Show as if she were Spears — and if imitation is, indeed, the sincerest form of flattery, Britney's gotta be feeling pretty damn adored. That being said, is it too much to ask that Brit turn the tables and take on "Mi Reflejo" by Labor Day...?

Watch the promo for more of Aguilera's pop star parodies!

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