Ate from Chubby's Yet?

Get this...

They originally started as a food truck, and a restaurant  in a gas station on Stan Schlueter in January of 2016.

Yes only 7 months ago!

Now Chubby's Cheese Steak and Cakes in Killeen has quickly become one of Killeen's favorite restaurants, especially at lunch time!


Chef Bobby says he has been cooking since 1984 and that the menu at Chubby's is very diverse.

Chubby's also services the community!


Twice a week they serve the over 500 people at the Black Board Call Center, they are the food providers at Club Tabu on Thursday and Fridays.


Another cool thing about Chubby's...


Every customer that has came by, has signed the Wall of Fame!


Just to name a few....



When you get a chance check them out!

Chubby's - CheeseSteak and Cakes located 515 S. 2nd St in Killeen!