Two cycles of cicada will be surfacing simultaneously, what does that mean for Texas?

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Depending on how longevity travels in your family DNA, the upcoming cicada-geddon that is due to hit the United States this spring with be a once in about three lifetimes happening because it last happened in 1803, and will not be of this magnitude again until 2245. I didn't check the math because I am not good at math, but apparently it takes 221 years of the 19 year and the 13 year cicada cycles to overlap, and therefore cause cicada-geddon.

Not only will these two cycles will be happening this spring, but all the annuals, the various two year, and 3 to 5 year species will be joining the party all at the same time. The strongest concentration of the 13 year and 19 year cicadas overlapping will be happening in the northern and central areas of Illinois around Lake Michigan, and down the Illinois River.

So, what is the bad news for Texas regarding the cicadas?

Just like millions of Americans are planning to invade Texas for the upcoming Solar Eclipse in April to experience it first hand, Texans will have to travel around 700 miles or more to experience the cicada-geddon in person.

You can see in this News-Press article, the once in 221 years cicada-geddon event will miss Texas entirely; sorry for the bad news. Do not worry though, Texas will still get their annual cicada fix as a different species can be found from mid-April through July.

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