B106 presents Speed Dating hosted by me, Trey the Choklit Jok, on the last Thursday of every month at the brand new Butterfly Lounge in Killeen.

Come out and find that special someone every Thursday at The Butterfly Lounge located 1607 Veterans Memorial in Killeen.

Speed Dating is where you have a chance to meet other singles here in CTX, but, for a short period of time.

Talk with your potential “new boo” and then when time’s up on to the next one!

Ticket price includes 2 complimentary drinks to loosen you up and get your mack on!

Food will be catered by the best Jamaican Restaurant in Killeen, Chef Ras Kitchen located 515 S. 2nd Street in Killeen.

That’s Speed Dating on the last Thursday every month at The New Butterfly Lounge in Killeen hosted by Trey the Choklit Jok!

Who is the better MC_ (1)

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