Congrats to Crystal Moore from Temple who won $1000 with Rickey Smiley's ATM Contest!!!!!

Crystal is from Temple married with 4 kids, and just celebrated her 8th marriage anniversary!

Now through Thursday, May 23rd you will have a chance to WIN up to $1,000 daily just by being caller #50 with the correct daily ATM PIN # at 1-866-9 Rickey that's 1-866-974-2539.

Be the correct caller with the correct daily PIN # and WIN Cash.

Just download your ATM Double PLAY Guide from and keep up with the daily PIN #'s and/or the amounts……and when Rickey Smiley ask YOU for a particular daily PIN # or amount, get it correct and you'll WIN additional CA$H....

Also, don't forget to win cash with Chase The Bag it returns next Wednesday your chance to win $5000 3x's a day, Join The B-Squad to enter to win!

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